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Celery Juice: The Latest Trend in Addiction Recovery


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celery juice

You may have heard of a popular trend in weight loss and health circles: celery juice. The growing popularity of celery juice and its many health benefits has now made it to the world of addiction recovery.

The man who has taught celery juicing for decades shares how it can be valuable for those in recovery. Anthony William, otherwise known as The Medical Medium, discovered the vast and unique benefits of celery juice in 1975 and has been helping others heal from various health conditions ever since.

Drinking celery juice is especially beneficial for people in recovery from substance abuse.

In an excerpt from his book dedicated entirely to celery juice, William reveals how people in recovery can especially benefit from drinking potassium-rich celery juice daily.

Understanding The Science

"Often addiction is spurred by a lack of nutrients. A dysfunctional liver that’s not able to transform nutrients and deliver them adequately through the bloodstream to the brain and the rest of the body is one major part of addiction.

A high level of toxic heavy metals such as mercury, copper, and aluminum in the liver and brain is another major part of it. Emotional duress, stress, compromises, wounds, and injuries can also contribute. Celery juice can help with all of it."

Many of our organs—including the liver—become damaged and stressed due to substance abuse. William explains that celery juice stabilizes all aspects of the liver, including glucose reception.

"Here’s a big reason why that’s important: most people who struggle with addictive actions are also dealing with insulin resistance. Celery juice helps alleviate insulin resistance and helps cells open up and receive glucose without having to lean on insulin alone."

Preventing Addiction Relapse

William reveals another benefit of celery juice is that it alkalizes the bloodstream and body, thus reducing acidosis. Alkalizing the bloodstream also helps minimize addictive urges and cravings. "Celery juice helps flush out of people’s systems old drugs and other pharmaceuticals that are involved in so much addictive suffering—it helps flush them out of the liver and bloodstream, which leads to fewer addictive relapses."

According to William, a unique aspect of celery juice is that it contains sodium cluster salts which are truly healing for the body and brain. He stresses that to receive the benefit of these unique pathogen-killing salts, the juice needs to be consumed on an empty stomach. He also recommends 16 ounces of pure celery juice daily.

Protecting Brain Health

William further explains how the mineral-rich sodium cluster salts help protects brain health and the potential benefits this may have on mental health as well.

"Celery juice nourishes the brain, restoring neurons and replenishing neurotransmitters. It helps neutralize, disarm, and release toxic heavy metals from the brain, also helping flush the byproduct that results when metals collide and interact with each other.

Celery juice’s plant hormones also help protect brain cells—slowing down the death of brain cells and even assisting with the production of new cells—so that someone suffering through emotional trials can find balance and calm. Further, the plant hormones from celery juice improve, strengthen, and reinvigorate the adrenals, balancing them when they’re over- or underactive to counteract addictive behavior."

Juicing Tips

To get the most out of your new celery juicing regimen, use William's signature preparation method. He recommends using a juicer, but a blender will also work. If you find it tough to consume the full 16 ounces, start with 8 ounces or less and work your way up.

Organic celery is always best if available and can be cut and washed the night before juicing. The only acceptable additions as you adjust to the taste are one apple or cucumber. Striving for 16 ounces of 100 percent straight celery juice on an empty stomach daily is the goal.

For the best results, the juice should be consumed immediately. However, it can be stored in an air-tight glass container in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.

Finally, William advises consulting with your doctor or health professional before adopting any of the suggestions in his book or drawing inferences from them.

The benefits of drinking celery juice extend beyond those simply looking to diet and get in shape. Now, celery juice is also helping individuals in recovery from substance abuse.

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