7 Signs That You're in a Healthy Relationship


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Most people want a relationship at some point in their lives. Whether you’re romantically involved now or plan to be in the future, you must understand what a healthy relationship consists of. While no relationship is perfect, checking off most of these 7 tell-tale signs will indicate that you and your significant other are moving in the right direction.

1. You trust each other.

Trust is a major foundation for any healthy relationship. It’s simple: if you cannot trust the other person, your entire relationship will suffer. Jealousy, control, possessiveness, and manipulation are all issues that may point to an even larger issue of mistrust. Working this problem out will make it a lot easier to thrive as a healthy couple.

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2. You each have your own friends.

It’s wonderful to spend time with your lover, but it is also important that you both have your own set of friends whom you spend time with. Remember, you are separate individuals, and spending some quality time apart will actually strengthen your relationship and make it even more exciting.

3. You encourage and support one another.

Do you encourage your partner to be his or her best? Do you provide support when he or she is going through a tough time? The two of you should pull inspiration from each other and care to see the other grow and flourish. If there is envy or lack of support between you, then that is an issue that needs tending to.

4. You are honest.

Sometimes, honesty can be tough. While healthy relationships acknowledge this truth, they continue to strive for honesty under all circumstances anyway. Do you tell the truth even when it might upset your partner? Are you putting up with lies? Remember, without honesty, a relationship is very likely to fail down the road.

5. You don't withhold love.

You don’t withhold love when your partner does something you disapprove of or says something idiotic or harsh. While you don’t condone rude behavior, you recognize that every person has fluctuating moods and may say or do unpleasant things, and they are still worthy of love. Putting conditions on love can harm your relationship and possibly even end it altogether. To many, this is the one thing that makes authentic love so amazing.

6. You contend with tough times together.

Difficult times are going to cycle in and out of life. However, when you’re in a healthy relationship, you and your partner hold hands and tough it out together. You experience the pain together, cry together and embrace each other when it feels like the whole world is caving in. In the end, having each other through it all makes tough times not only bearable but even hopeful.

7. You forgive.

Forgiveness is a huge key for healthy relationships because, as humans, we are prone to messing up, saying things we don’t mean, whining, blaming others, arguing, and doing some other disagreeable things. Those in healthy relationships don’t simply forget and run along; they first forgive and then move on.

We all want a healthy relationship, but we need to apply wisdom to experience it. As you look for these signs in your relationships, you’ll find the opportunity to realize a partnership that places importance on growth, understanding, and, most importantly, love.

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