Facility Type

Choosing a facility that will provide the treatment and lifestyle you need is key to getting the most out of your time in rehab. Whether you’re looking to take your first step at a detox center, check-in at a residential facility, or maintain a day job while in outpatient treatment, there are facilities out there that will work with you. Luxury treatment centers with resort-like settings are also available for those looking for exclusivity and extra amenities. All programs offer addiction treatment, counseling, and a safe environment as you navigate your recovery journey. You will learn the skills needed to adopt a sober lifestyle, how to identify your triggers, and gain access to support groups. At the end of your program, after care and transitional living facilities can also help you strengthen your recovery’s foundation before reintegrating into your home environment. Learn more about the different types of rehab facilities to find one that works for you. Read More

Detox Center

Substance abuse can cause profound changes in brain and body chemistry. One of the first priorities for detox centers is to remove toxic chemicals and their byproducts from an addict's body. Alcohol detox centers provide support and medical supervision during the first few hours or days of sobriety, when withdrawal can be physically overwhelming, or even dangerous. Drug detox centers follow a similar methodology as they seek to help users quit addictive substances in a professional, safe environment often accompanied by extensive counseling and therapy.

Residential Treatment

Addiction treatment centers provide medical detoxification, individual counseling, group therapy, and support for the family of an addict. This is the primary stage in addiction recovery given by a drug rehab facility and typically lasts 21-35 days. After this initial addiction treatment, the patient is assessed further and extended care or transitional treatment may be recommended, as many addicts will require a longer inpatient drug rehabilitation stay.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient drug rehab programs do not require patients to live in residential treatment facilities while they overcome their drug or alcohol addiction; therefore, work and home schedules can remain fairly intact. Typically, outpatient rehab treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction consists of multiple day or evening sessions throughout the week including access to 12 step programs and sober living/sobriety support groups.

After Care

Extended care rehab refers to continued treatment for drug or alcohol addiction after the completion of residential primary addiction treatment. Long-term rehab can range from as little as 60 days to two years or more.

Transitional Living

Transitional living programs help individuals put the pieces of their lives back together after they've completed a drug or alcohol treatment program. Clients are offered a temporary place to live while they continue addiction treatment, pursue an education or acquire employment, mend relationships, and learn relapse prevention tactics. Transitional living centers focus on realistic post-treatment plans so clients are equipped with the tools to maintain a sober life.

Sober Living Home

Sober living homes are incredibly valuable in assisting long-term addiciton recovery from both alcoholism and substance abuse. These recovery homes offer a safe and secure environment for long term recovery. Typically, sober house residents come directly from an inpatient treatment and rehabilitation program, while a minority come directly from a self help 12 step program or because of their own desire for a healthy change in environment.

Luxury Rehab

You don't have to be a celebrity to settle into an exclusive addiction treatment experience. Luxury rehab centers cater to a clientele who is used to a certain upscale standard of living. If you are looking for one of the best drug rehab centers for amenities, these high-end addiction facilities offer them. Usually set in beautiful resort-like settings, luxury treatment centers offer upgraded extras such as Olympic-sized pools, gourmet chefs, upscale activities, and spa treatments. Luxury drug rehab centers are still serious addiction recovery facilities that will address all drug and alcohol dependency issues.