Why Reviews and Certifications are Important When Choosing a Rehab


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Over 20 million individuals above the age of 12 struggle with a substance use disorder in the United States.1 If you fall within this category, seeking professional help is the first step towards getting the care and support you deserve to recover.

But with hundreds of drug and rehab facilities boasting the benefits of their unique treatment program, it can feel overwhelming to know what to look for when choosing a rehab.

Over 20 million individuals above the age of 12 struggle with a substance use disorder in the United States.1 If you fall within this category, seeking professional help is the first step towards getting the care and support you deserve to recover. But with hundreds of drug and rehab facilities boasting

5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing A Rehab Center

It is impossible to find a universal program that will meet the needs of everyone with a substance use disorder. To choose the best-fit drug and alcohol treatment for your needs, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the characteristics and reputation each center has by considering these questions:

#1: What Are The Levels Of Treatment and Care Available?

No matter the level of severity of your addiction, working with a rehab center that offers a full spectrum of care makes the treatment process much more seamless for both patients and their families. Think about it: if you start with a drug intervention and later require detoxing and inpatient addiction counseling, it is so much easier to work with a program that does it all to navigate through each step of recovery without any hassle or interruptions.

A full-service drug and rehab center offers various programs to meet the needs of a wide range of patients, including services such as:

#2: What Qualifications Make Up The Rehab Staff?

The staff that makes up a treatment team plays a huge role in the rehab experience. Not only should quality rehab centers possess licensed and highly-trained addiction specialists and therapists, but they should also have a team that has compassion and kindness towards their clients.

Some of the licensed professionals that every credible rehab facility should possess include:

Psychologists and therapists: licensed therapists and psychologists can offer patients strategies and tools for understanding and coping with their addiction more effectively. They often use healing approaches in both individual and group counseling settings.

Licensed addiction counselors: Licensed addiction counselors are a must at a rehab center since they hold specialized training and certification to facilitate effective addiction treatment.

Psychiatrists: Psychiatrists are medically trained doctors with a specialization in mental health. They prescribe patients medications to help them have a more comfortable withdrawal experience and to treat underlying mental health conditions co-occurring with their addiction.

#3: Are There Positive Client Reviews and Testimonials Online?

Online reviews and testimonials offer a look into someone’s first-hand experience with a drug rehab center, making them some of the most valuable pieces of evidence when choosing a rehab center. Reading about the experience a fellow substance user or user’s loved one had with the facilities and staff gives you an authentic insight into the pros and cons that come with the center.

#4: Does The Center Have Any Certifications and Accreditations?

While just about any old rehab center can get a business license to practice from their residing state, only the most established and effective treatment providers received more advanced licensure and certifications. It is always good to investigate which certifications and accreditations a center has to assess its credibility and standard of care.

Two important certifications that mark a great rehab center include:

LegitScript Certification

A LegitScript certification grants addiction centers the opportunity to advertise their services on Google and Facebook. Centers with this certification show that they are vetted as a reliable and legitimate organization.

CARF Accreditation

A CARF accredited rehab center has a much greater standard of patient care than those without CARF Accreditation. CARF, which stands for Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, is a renowned nonprofit organization that accredits treatment centers providing high-quality services with an openness to receiving feedback to improve their care.

#5: What Are The Rehab Facilities Like?

The environment that a rehab center facilitates for its clients is important, especially when someone enrolls in a program that requires inpatient care. If clients consistently feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed in their space, they are much more likely to respond well to treatment. Yoga and mindfulness activities, art, and outdoor events and areas are all good signs of a tranquil rehab ambiance.

Get Started With A Substance-Free Life Today

To get started on a sustainable path towards sobriety, you deserve to work with only the best rehab centers, not just an okay one. By keeping these questions in mind while researching, visiting, and communicating with potential rehab facilities, you are on the right path to choose the right one for you or your loved one’s specific needs, background, and treatment goals.

Ocean Hills Recovery commits to providing each client with a relaxing, family-friendly environment where they can take their life back. For more information on our programs, please reach out to us today or visit OceanHillsRecovery.com for more information on our programs for lasting recovery.


[1] https://www.samhsa.gov/data/sites/default/files/cbhsq-reports/NSDUHNationalFindingsReport2018/NSDUHNationalFindingsReport2018.pdf

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