7 Drug Slang Terms All Parents Should Know About


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Is your teenager displaying signs of drug use? Would you know if they were using? Today's teenager is easily influenced and overwhelmed with information from the internet, television and peer pressure. Some are tempted to experiment with drug use, which may turn into a more serious habit. In the home, teens often use slang terms for drug names to keep parents from knowing what they are talking about.

So keep yourself informed. Below is a list of slang names and terms of the drugs that your child may be using.

1. Addys, Beans, Study Buddys, Zing, Getting Glassed

These are all terms for Adderall. Adderall is a prescription medication that helps children and some adults battle Attention Deficit Disorder or Hyperactivity. The intention of this drug is to calm children down and focus. When used by a person without this diagnosis, it still helps them focus but has an opposite effect from calming to feeling wide awake. Teens use this drug as a study aid or to curb appetite. Since some of their peers have prescriptions for this medication, it is easily purchased for their own use. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that about six percent of children between the ages of 12 and 17 years abuse synthetic drugs.

The list of slang terms for drugs, drug use and paraphernalia goes on and on. No matter what socio-economic class teens live in, the pressure to experiment with drugs is very high.

2. Vanilla Sky, Meow Meow, Scarface, Bliss, Wicked X

These terms may sound like the name of a new rock band but they are really slang names for "Bath Salts." Bath Salt drugs are synthetic cathinones. Cathinone is a stimulant found in a plant that grows in Africa and people have most often chew the leaves for a mild stimulant effect. Synthetic variants of cathinone can be much stronger than the natural product and, in some cases, very dangerous. These drugs take the form of small crystal like powders, hence the name. It is usually ingested by smoking, snorting or injection.

3. Aunt, Baby T, BadRock, King, Snow

Unless you are paying close attention, you might not ever discover that these are all terms for cocaine. Although cocaine is a well-known illegal substance, the attempt to hide its use has gotten more advanced. A fine white powder, cocaine is produced from the Coca Plant native to South America. Surprisingly, some surgeons do use the drug for medical purposes and there are some over the counter medications that have a similar numbing effect such as Benzocaine and Lidocaine. Generally, it is snorted, smoked or injected into the body.

4. Pacman, Pikachu, Disco Biscuits, E-Bombs, Ecstasy, Molly

MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine) is another synthetic drug that acts as a hallucinogen, a stimulant and changes mood, emotion and time perception. Its effects last approximately 3 to 6 hours and it is ingested by tablet or powder form. Touted as one of the original club drugs, MDMA has become more widespread and affects more teens than ever. According to NIDA, 6.8 percent of children from the ages 12 to 17 years have at least experimented with MDMA as of 2015. Chills, stomach cramps, involuntary teeth clenching and blurred vision are common indicators that your child might be using.

Other Terms to be Aware of:

In addition to knowing slang terms for the drugs teens may use, there are also common code words and phrases for paraphernalia or other users that you may want to learn.

5. Closet Baser, E-Tard, Cabbage Head, Chipper

All of these nicknames are used as reference for a person who is using or currently high on MDMA. High doses of MDMA can affect the body’s ability to regulate temperature. This can lead to a spike in body temperature that can occasionally result in liver, kidney, heart failure or even death.

6. Hitting Up, Piggybacking, Hype Stick, Rig

Hearing these words from your teen may indicate that someone is either injecting drugs or discussing injection paraphernalia.

7. Hawker, Source, Bagman, Juggler, Joey

If you hear these names in a conversation, it is most likely another name for a drug dealer.

The list of slang terms for drugs, drug use and paraphernalia goes on and on. No matter what socio-economic class teens live in, the pressure to experiment with drugs is very high. Listen closely and do not feel that you are being intrusive in these situations. Your child’s life may depend on it.

Think your child needs help? Read our guide on how to get your teen into treatment so you can approach the topic effectively. You may also browse our directory of adolescent treatment centers or call 866-606-0182 to start the path to recovery today.

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