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Sometimes one addiction can lead to another. If you have undergone a drug treatment program for a drug addiction to heroin or a similar substance at a rehab facility, you may have been given daily doses of Methadone to help you through the detox and withdrawal process. Methadone is a synthetic opiate, similar to morphine, but is supposedly not as addictive. Still, many people find themselves hooked on the methadone after they have kicked their heroin habit. If you become addicted to methadone, you will need treatment to break this new addiction. Thankfully there are methadone rehab clinics that can help you.

Methadone Rehab Options

You may be able to continue with a methadone treatment program at the rehab clinic where you received treatment for your other addiction. If you don’t undergo methadone treatment at your original facility, there are plenty of methadone rehab clinics that cater to the very problem you’re dealing with. You will find that there is relief for those who have developed a chemical dependency on methadone.

Sometimes one addiction can lead to another. Here we look at how heroin detox can sometimes lead to methadone addiction, and the need for methadone rehab.

Getting Methadone Rehab Treatment

Though methadone is somewhat safer than heroin (and one reason why it is so widely used during heroin detox), it comes with risky side effects. If you find yourself sliding into methadone addiction after heroin detox, it is very important to get treated for the methadone addiction as soon as possible.

Methadone does not produce the same euphoric feeling that addicts get when using heroin or other opiates. Oftentimes, a methadone overdose happens because someone will take too much of it, hoping to get that same high they enjoyed with heroin. Addiction to methadone can be dangerous in and of itself, leading to all sorts of health problems, including:

  • respiratory issues
  • kidney problems
  • liver problems
  • heart problems
  • mental problems

Overuse of methadone can sometimes be fatal. Though many addicts are thankful for the methadone treatment they receive during heroin and opiate detox, not every recovering addict comes out of rehab drug-free. Methadone addiction can be difficult to kick, but it can be treated with a high rate of success. Many recovering addicts coming out of heroin detox and rehab programs think they’ll be able to stop wanting the methadone, but methadone addiction can be challenging. That is why methadone rehab is just as necessary and important as any other drug rehab. You’ll probably need a special program to stop using it and, if you need help, there is sure to be a facility or doctor in your area who can help.

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