Insurance Coverage for Substance Use Disorder in California


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There are several circumstances in which drug use can be effectively treated. Treatment options frequently combine behavioral and medicinal approaches. More than 14,500 specialized drug treatment and rehab facilities are in the United States.

In addition to these treatment components, there is ongoing case management, counseling, and behavioral therapy. Most people cannot afford to pay for integrated, efficient, and complete treatment independently. But fortunately, several insurance plans pay for treatment for substance use disorders.

There are several circumstances in which drug use can be effectively treated. Treatment options frequently combine behavioral and medicinal approaches. More than 14,500 specialized drug treatment and rehab facilities are in the United States. In addition to these treatment components, there is ongoing

However, the amount the insurance will pay for drug rehab differs on several variables, including the specific health benefits provided by your policy, the provider of the rehab treatment, your unique needs, and others.

If you or any person you know is struggling with drug use and is planning for rehab, read on to learn about the drug rehab insurance coverage in California.

Do Insurance Plans Cover Drug Rehab Costs in California?

Yes, most health insurance policies typically cover the treatment costs for mental health issues and substance use disorder. But the amount of therapy covered and the cost you will have to pay on your own depends on the specific health insurance plan you have.

Before enrolling in a program for treating drug use difficulties, you should speak with your insurance company to learn the specifics of what factors are covered by your plan.

You can use the insurance verification tool by Safe Haven Recovery Beverly Hills to check whether your insurance provider covers drug addiction treatment.

Services Covered by Health Insurance Plans

When insurance companies pay for rehabilitation services, they frequently cover the following:

  • Outpatient Treatment: Outpatient drug treatment refers to getting drug addiction therapy without being in a rehab facility. You may be able to carry out your obligations at home, at school, or at work if you and your doctor determine that you are a good candidate for this kind of treatment.
  • Inpatient addiction: You receive a range of services during inpatient addiction treatment, including detox, therapy, counseling, access to medical care, and aftercare planning, while living in a rehab center during your treatment. While some inpatient facilities are located in hospitals, others are found in residential areas away from medical facilities.
  • Detoxification Program: Your body goes through a detoxification procedure to get rid of any toxins that are still in your system. Although detox can be done at either an outpatient or an inpatient facility, your doctor or healthcare provider may encourage you to complete it at an inpatient facility in many instances. Throughout the detoxification process, inpatient facilities offer comfort, security, and monitoring of your psychological and physical state.
  • Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy gives you the chance to talk to a therapist privately and address any underlying problems that may be affecting your addiction. Your therapist can be a huge help in teaching you coping mechanisms.

Enrolling In Treatment Without Insurance

For those without insurance who require inexpensive drug abuse treatment, the state provides financial aid.

In addition, here are some ways to finance drug treatment:

  • Loans or payment schedules: Numerous treatment facilities provide financing plans that let you pay the expense of care in manageable installments after treatment.
  • Scholarships: Certain treatment centers provide partial or full financial assistance in the form of scholarships to people in need. Additionally, several jurisdictions provide grants and scholarships to persons with drug addiction who require assistance paying for care.
  • Monetary assistance from family or friends: Even though requesting assistance might be challenging; you could be surprised by the number of people who may wish to assist you. You can request financial assistance from family or friends in your effort for rehab.

Insurance Types Accepted by Safe Haven Recovery Beverly Hills


Both the standard and high health plans from GEHA offer partial or full coverage for drug and alcohol treatment. You can expect frequent forms of treatment, such as:

  • Detox
  • Inpatient Treatment
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Prescription
  • Medications
  • Behavioral Health Therapy


PPO plans give members more freedom by allowing them to go to any doctor of their choice, both inside and outside of the network; however, staying in-network will save you money. A primary doctor is not necessary, nor is a referral necessary to check with a specialist.

Preferred provider organizations (PPO) have higher yearly premiums and lower copayments plans for medical procedures and other services. PPOs occasionally have greater deductibles than HMOs do.

The ability to visit specialists and healthcare professionals outside of the network without having a referral from the primary care doctor is one of the benefits of PPO coverage.


Depending on the member's specific, Aetna covers drug rehab. Individual therapy, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for substance use problems, is frequently covered by Aetna and other insurance providers. The extent of coverage is determined by the individual's health insurance plan and therapist of choice.

In addition to the above, Safe Haven Recovery, Beverly Hills accept most insurances, including:

  • Optium
  • UMR
  • Cigma
  • BCBG
  • Becon

Getting Started with Substance Use Disorder Treatment

The team at Safe Haven Recovery Beverly Hills is experienced in providing the best care for those with drug addiction. With trained personnel, modern tools, and established procedures, we are equipped to handle any instances.

We aim to encourage those who choose to help themselves, and we respect your decision. It is undeniable that Safe Haven Beverly Hills is among the top options for people who are battling substance use disorder.

So, get in contact with us to start your path to recovery from drug use. ‍

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