12 Step

Twelve-step recovery aims to provide every individual with a successful and fulfilling life after addiction. Read about the guiding principles that has helped thousands recover their lives.

person in recovery working the 12 steps

How Long Should it Take to Work the 12 Steps?

By Nicole Arzt

Contrary to popular belief, there is no single, prescribed time frame for working the 12 steps during recovery. Continue Reading

A recovering addict considers whether AA is a selfish program.

No, AA is Not a Selfish Program

By Jamee Larson

Focusing on oneself isn't selfish—especially when helping yourself allows you to help others. Continue Reading

An Alcoholics Anonymous group meets to discuss their experiences with addiction.

What to Expect at an Al-Anon Meeting

By Liemann Valdimar

Al-Anon formats, content and discussions remain generally the same across the entire globe. Continue Reading

Narcotics Anonymous Meeting

What Stuck Out to Me in My First Narcotics Anonymous Meeting

By Lisa OBrien

"I was so nervous. This being my first Narcotics Anonymous meeting, all I could think about was how everyone would be staring a... Continue Reading

What's the Real Benefit of AA?

By Tess Chedsey

With the number of sober treatment programs that incorporate the 12-Steps, it’s logical to assume that under the right circumst... Continue Reading

People supporting each other at an AA meeting

7 Reasons You Shouldn't Be Ashamed of AA

By Dominica Applegate

Have you felt ashamed of AA due to the way others talk about it? Well, here are 7 reasons you shouldn't be. Continue Reading

group of people in a meeting

The Basics of Al-Anon

By Rose Lockinger

If you have a family member or loved one who is struggling with alcoholism right now, then an Al-Anon meeting may be helpful fo... Continue Reading

A Guide to Writing Your 4th Step

By Liemann Valdimar

What this step really asks of the member is much deeper and thorough than anyone may realize at the outset, but with a little d... Continue Reading

person attending an online AA meeting

The Pros and Cons of Attending Online AA Meetings

By Dominica Applegate

Non-traditional online AA meetings offer various benefits to those in recovery, but it's not for everyone. Continue Reading

silhouette of people standing in a row

Adult Children of Alcoholics: A Quick Overview

By Kelly McClanahan

Adult Children of Alcoholics aims to help adults recover from the emotional trauma or neglect they experienced as children rais... Continue Reading

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Stop Going to Meetings

By Flower B

After being sober for a while, attending meetings can seem tedious, boring and almost pointless. Here are 7 reminders on why yo... Continue Reading

8 Ways to Be a Good Sponsor in AA

By Dominica Applegate

The support that sponsorship brings can have a huge impact in the lives of those in recovery. These 8 tips can help you give ba... Continue Reading

Why I Stopped Attending Meetings Regularly

By Cassandra Huerta

12-step meetings were a part of my recovery process but not everyone's experience ends the same. Continue Reading

person taking a step forward

5 Benefits You Gain From Step One

By Flower B

Step one relieves you of having to live up to societal expectations. Here are the top five benefits from practicing step one ev... Continue Reading

REBUTTAL to The Atlantic Article: AA Can't Just Be Written Off

By Rudolph Hatfield

Presenting a more balanced point of view on the functions of AA. Continue Reading

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