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Addiction Treatment

Addiction recovery can be a very personal journey. Different cases require different combinations of treatment. Whether you’re interested in detox, relapse warning signs, or the latest in addiction research, staying in the know will help guide you towards the approach that’s best for you.

Primary care physician talking to a patient about addiction and treatment

What Role Should Primary Care Play in Addiction Treatment?

By Dawn Hurley

It's important to consider the possible reasons why so many don't get help, despite the effectiveness of interventions for Subs... Continue Reading

Recovering addict practicing Mindful Awareness in Body-oriented Therapy

Preventing Relapse With Mindful Awareness in Body-oriented Therapy

By Dawn Hurley

Based on research, MABT training-based treatment has lasting effects on addiction recovery. Continue Reading

patient consultation via telemedicine

What Can Telemedicine Do For Addiction Treatment?

By Germain Palacios

Telemedicine has made access to clinical services easier than ever. Continue Reading

patient wearing an ID tag

Pros and Cons of Inpatient Rehab

By Chelsey Glenn

There are several options available when considering rehab, including residential inpatient treatment. Continue Reading

Sober Recovery Expert Author

recovering addict

Is AA Truly Effective at Treating Addiction? New Study Says Yes

By Nicole Arzt

There isn't a single "best" approach to recovery. Likewise, all studies have limitations, and we need to keep that in mind. Continue Reading

A recovering addict considers whether AA is a selfish program.

No, AA is Not a Selfish Program

By Jamee Larson

Focusing on oneself isn't selfish—especially when helping yourself allows you to help others. Continue Reading

Christian man on addiction

What Christians Don't Want To Say About Addiction

By Heather Adams

They see it primarily as a spiritual problem—a weakness in someone’s nature that must be fixed. Continue Reading

man looks up

5 Things to Gain From a Christian Support Group

By Dominica Applegate

Here are 5 of the many benefits of attending a Christian support group if you’ve chosen to walk the recovery path in faith. Continue Reading

tranquil woman

Turning the Tide: How an Active Addict Found Peace Through Therapy

By Nicole Arzt

Therapist Nicole Arzt recounts how one of her patients "experimented" with sobriety before committing to a sober life. Continue Reading

Woman in hospital bed recovering from eating disorder with pet

My Experience with Pet Therapy

By Leia Rivera

Pet therapy turned around my recovery and changed my life, and I believe it can do the same for others. Continue Reading

Medical Supervision for Alcohol Detox

By SoberRecovery, Staff Writer

This article was contributed by Wish Recovery in Los Angeles. Alcohol addiction is the most common form of substance abuse, aff... Continue Reading

The Importance of Medical Supervision for Alcohol Detox

This article was contributed by Wish Recovery in Los Angeles. Alcohol detox is a process that should never be taken lightly. Wh... Continue Reading

emergency room

Study Finds Gaps in Treatment in Spite of Opioid Epidemic

By Rebecca Kovacs

Opioid addicts who are either uninsured or have Medicaid often encounter barriers to treatment. Continue Reading

A red support and referral addiction recovery hotline phone.

The 2 Types of Recovery Hotlines and When to Use Each One

By M. Lujan

There are two kinds of hotlines you can use during addiction recovery. Here's which one is right for your situation. Continue Reading

Understanding the Non 12-Step Perspective

By Nina Bradshaw

There are a number of approaches that are not 12-step in orientation, but do offer group support. Continue Reading

rebellious teenager

3 Life Skills to Look for in a Teen Support Group

By M. Lujan

When looking for a proper teen support group, keep the following three life skills in mind. Continue Reading

parent and child

How to Educate Your Kids About Substance Abuse

By Lisa OBrien

If your children know that you want them to make smart choices, they will respect you as a parent or guardian and know that you... Continue Reading

7 Drug Slang Terms All Parents Should Know About

By Lisa OBrien

The list of slang terms for drugs, drug use and paraphernalia goes on and on. No matter what socio-economic class teens live in... Continue Reading

Here are some of the reasons individuals may cite for choosing not to enter a rehabilitation program.

Top 4 Logical Reasons Why Addicts Choose to Skip Rehab

By Audrey Beim

The so-called 'practical reasons' that the addicted mind refers to in order to avoid treatment are simply rationalizations to d... Continue Reading

woman standing alone

Threefold Approach to Recovery: Day Treatment, Outpatient and Aftercare

By Jamee Larson

My failed recovery attempts convinced me that I needed more than the traditional approach. It was only after committing to this... Continue Reading