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Sober Living at Westport House offers recovering addicts and alcoholics structure and accountability with other individuals in early recovery. 12-step meetings and other therapeutic and social activities are encouraged, as residents develop the habits and skills that will prepare them for long-term health & success. Strutured sober living at Westport House is a supportive residential community designed to help men navigate early sobriety, identifying challenges and sharing successes — while successfully reintegrating into the workplace and other commitments.

Westport House Sober Living offers three specific levels of care…. Extended Care at Westport House is designed to support the recovery process for young adult men as they transition from a higher level of care – typically inpatient treatment – to an independent sober living environment. Extended care blends the transformational power of experiential activities, physical fitness & recreation, and local recovery community immersion with outpatient clinical services to establish a supportive environment in which young men can develop the life-skills and practical experience characteristic of individuals in long-term recovery.

Structured sober living- Structured Sober LivingWork and other commitments won’t always wait. That’s why sober living at Westport House is designed for men who require structure and support but can’t take a “time-out” from the demands of life.

When men complete residential treatment, they may need to explore other living options as an alternative to returning to their home, living by themselves, or with others who are not in recovery. For many, sober living can provide the support and structure necessary to strengthen recovery skills before transitioning to an independent living environment. The additional support and structure can help them gain confidence and develop the skills that support a productive and healthy life while conditioning them to respond in a positive way to the day-to-day triggers that can lead to relapse.

EXCEL Recovery Residences are tailored for individuals ready and able to assume personal responsibility for their recoveries and motivated to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of others. Residents have access to the outpatient clinical and recovery support services, for which Westport House is known, on an as-needed basis.