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The Retreat At Zion is a healing, nurturing and spiritual place, located at the gateway to the most beautiful national parks in our country, Zion National Park. At The Retreat At Zion, we believe the best group settings are found in the beautiful canyons and serenity that surrounds our location. At The Retreat At Zion, you are not patient, you are a "Student of Recovery" gaining the tools and education needed to conquer the disease of addiction. You will experience a spiritual and healing transformation that will stay with you for a lifetime.

The Retreat At Zion program begins with our specialized accelerated pain-free detox protocol that naturally transitions into our residential inpatient treatment program. We understand the importance of counseling and one on one therapy, but we also offer walking, hiking, biking, climbing, yoga, equine and animal-assisted therapy. Our property boasts 11 acres of beautiful pastures, huge cottonwood trees and a flowing river running right through the middle of the property.

Our program starts with a specialized process of Rapid or Accelerated Pain-Free Detoxification.