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The mission of Odyssey Recovery is to help those afflicted with addictions by maintaining a safe environment, providing the highest level of care, and ensuring individuals learn the skills necessary to maintain long term sobriety.


Our understanding is that addiction and the behaviors that accompany it have been reinforced by constant, day to day use. After many months, years and sometimes decades of this behavior, it becomes second nature. Without mindfulness of these behaviors, we find that people engage in destructive behaviors not because they want to, but because they have used them to survive. The goal of Odyssey Recovery is to not only help individuals identify what those behaviors are, but the thought process and unconscious responses that drive the cycle of addiction. Once we have identified what these thoughts and behaviors are, we begin to work towards correcting them. This is why we create an environment that participants can practice skills they are learning, while still in treatment. Our hope is that individuals who have participated in our program have had the time, along with a supportive environment to create new ways of thinking and behaving that will be the foundation to their journey in recovery.