Waking (and Sobering) Up: Why Sobriety is Necessary for Spiritual Evolution


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All around the globe, people are writing and talking about a great spiritual awakening seemingly impacting every individual on the planet. This shift in perspectives, purpose and paradigms is a process commonly referred to as being woke. The experience is unique to each individual, depending on their personal path and experiences up to this point. However, certain components of the awakening process are necessary for spiritual evolution.

Letting go of any lower energies (i.e., anything that feels oppressive, abusive or toxic, depresses the physiological system or prevents healing and growth) is one of those necessary tasks. The term lower energies can apply to anything; food, relationships, music, movies, social media connections, jobs, etc. As such, many who are spiritually awakening find that they no longer resonate with the energy of certain friends, jobs, hobbies and even significant others or family members. And, typically, drugs and alcohol (as well as codependency) don’t make the cut. Why? Well, a spiritual awakening doesn’t necessarily make the process of letting go any easier, especially with regard to addiction of any kind.

All around the globe, people are writing and talking about a great spiritual awakening seemingly impacting every individual on the planet. This shift in perspectives, purpose and paradigms is a process commonly referred to as being woke. The experience is unique to each individual, depending on their

Additionally, there are those who believe marijuana, the occasional glass of wine, hallucinogens and other indulgences in substances are both harmless to and necessary for spiritual evolution. Nothing could be further from truth.

Sobriety is absolutely key. Here’s why:

Sobriety Allows You to Sit With Experiences

Sitting with your own painful experience – past and present – is necessary for emotional and spiritual growth. Of course, active addiction is the avoidance of and escape from that process. Sobriety forces emotions and memories that have been suppressed throughout active addiction to surface, allowing you the opportunity to sit with and face past and present experiences for the purposes of healing and releasing.

Getting Sober Raises Your Vibration

Though it is not an easy process and may be taxing at times, getting sober does indeed raise the frequency at which your energy vibrates. You either vibrate at a low frequency, attracting lower (negative) energies and experiences or you vibrate at a high frequency, attracting higher (positive) energies and experiences. So, if you are in active addiction, you are vibrating at a lower frequency simply by introducing substances (which are low-vibration in nature) into your system.

Getting sober detoxifies your body of these substances, allowing your body, mind and spirit to begin the healing process. This process (if permitted) also raises your vibration, as it uncovers and releases all negative or lower energies resulting from active addiction, past traumas and other unresolved painful experiences. This allows you the opportunity to holistically heal and evolve, raising your frequency from the low vibration of fear (i.e., avoidance, escapism, suppression, etc.) to the high vibration of love (i.e., self-love, self-care, self-empowerment).

Sobriety Makes You More Energetically Aware

A big part of spiritually evolving involves recognizing and aligning with higher energies. But, first you must become aware of the lower or negative energies you were previously (or are currently) resonating with.

Regardless of the label you give them, low or negative (even dark) energies do indeed exist. Everyone has certainly felt the difference of a bad (low or negative energy) mood versus that of a good (high or positive energy) mood. Both experiences can be attributed to the energy that surrounds us.

For instance, if you find yourself surrounded by loving, supportive individuals in an environment that feels cozy and comfortable, you will likely feel content and safe. However, if you experience critical, shaming and abusive individuals in an environment that feels oppressive and anxious, you will generally feel unhappy and unsafe. Contrasting energies and environments have an impact on you, even if the energy is not directed toward you.

That said, if you are not sober, you might not even be aware of the ways in which these energies are affecting you. When numbing or watering down the experience with substances, the toxicity level may not be as noticeable, regardless of its damaging spiritual impact. Additionally, because substances lower the spiritual immune system, the lack of spiritual immunities and inhibitions may even allow these energies to attach to you (further impacting your mood).

Sobriety allows you to take note of these toxic environments. It gives you the opportunity to begin sensing the difference between high and low energy – that which you enjoy being around and that which you don’t – and set boundaries accordingly.

Sobering Up Protects The Spirit

More importantly, sobering up protects the spirit against low energies. Though marijuana and hallucinogens have been said to assist in accessing a higher level of consciousness, these substances actually attract lower energies to us. So, even if these substances do move past the ego (through lowered inhibitions and hallucinogenic effects) and allow you to access and utilize your Third Eye (something you can do without substances), the information received may not be from a high vibrational source.

When under the influence of substances, we are most vulnerable to low energies. With our spiritual immune system down, innate gifts clouded and Third Eye wide open, we are without protection and exposed to every energy, entity and being in the universe. Sobriety keeps our spiritual gifts sharp and acts as a shield during meditation (or spiritual practice of any kind), preventing low energies from easing in.

When you choose sobriety, you strengthen your innate (rather than induced) spiritual gifts, increase your self- and energetic awareness, instantly raise your vibration and release all the low or negative energy you’ve been carrying. This process alone is spiritual evolution. Stay sober, and stay woke.

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