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Family & Friends

Know someone in recovery? Find out how you can help them in their journey as well as how you can cope on your own with our supportive articles.

5 Truths I Learned About Others After Recovery

By Chris Weldon

After returning from months of therapy, some relationships with family members may take a while to get back to normal. These 5 ... Continue Reading

Letting Your Loved One Hit Bottom

By Dominica Applegate Dominica Applegate has worked in the mental health field for 12 years before launching her own business as a writer. She earned her Master's in Counseling from Liberty Universit

When it comes to your loved one's addiction, letting go of your responsibility may be the only way they finally get in tune wit... Continue Reading

alcoholic woman being comforted by a loved one

Living with an Alcoholic: 12 Tips for Coping

By Tess Chedsey

The following guidelines are invaluable for individuals caught in the predicament of living with an alcoholic. Continue Reading

4 Healthy Ways to Support a Fellow Addict

By Cassandra Huerta

Here are 4 ways to truly be helpful in getting an addict on the road to recovery. Continue Reading

How to Support a Friend in Recovery

By Kelly McClanahan

Learn how to be there for a recovering friend and how to be supportive without enabling their addiction. Continue Reading

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