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Know someone in recovery? Find out how you can help them in their journey as well as how you can cope on your own with our supportive articles.

Couple in relationship going through addiction recovery healing together

How to Properly Love an Active Addict Back to Health

By Toshia Humphries

We want to love our struggling loved ones, but true unconditional love starts from within. Continue Reading

To love or not to love an alcoholic. That is the question. The answer, however, may not seem so clear.

The Best Way You Can Love an Alcoholic

By Toshia Humphries

To love or not to love an alcoholic. That is the question. The answer, however, may not seem so clear. Continue Reading

How to nudge a loved one to recover from drug and alcohol addiction without fighting

Don't Dictate, Motivate! How to Nudge a Loved One to Recover

By Colleen Marlett

These tips could mean the difference between your loved one deciding to seek recovery within months to someone who dwindles in ... Continue Reading

father and son recover from addiction in the family

Why Family Members Also Need a Recovery Plan

By Tori Utley

Be patient with yourself on your journey, and know that you too can overcome the negative impact of addiction on your life. Continue Reading

4 Ways to Support Your Loved One Through a Relapse

By Tori Utley

For many people, relapse is a part of their recovery journey. Here are a few things to remember in order to be there for your l... Continue Reading

3 Things I Wish I Told My Loved One in Addiction

By Toshia Humphries

To anyone out there who has lost someone to this disease, whether in life or in the grave, I encourage you to speak the words y... Continue Reading

alcoholic swimming

5 Reasons Why an Alcoholic Cannot Love

By Toshia Humphries

Learning how to love again or for the first time takes work, and it takes more than merely getting sober. Continue Reading

The #1 Lie Loved Ones of Addicts Believe About Themselves

By Toshia Humphries

It is a lie they may tell themselves and believe from the start—a destructive force detrimental to loved ones and addicts alike. Continue Reading

3 Ways to Be There For a Friend Who Has Lost a Loved One Through Addiction

By Rebecca Kovacs

One of the most painful aspects of addiction is that it can end in death. What do we do to help out a friend who is going throu... Continue Reading

I Learned About Addiction in the Worst Way Possible

By Caitlin Thiede

Loving an addict comes with pain, guilt and fear. Over time, your existence becomes a limbo between hope and disappointment. Continue Reading

How to Stay Sober When a Family Member is Addicted

By Rebecca Kovacs

Staying sober when a family member is addicted isn't impossible. It only means we have different work to do and situations to a... Continue Reading

grieving woman

3 Things to Know When a Loved One Passes Away From Addiction

By Rebecca Kovacs

When a loved one dies due to addiction, it can be a sudden shock that can hit us hard. Staying strong in our sobriety while all... Continue Reading

What I Wish I Knew About My Best Friend’s Addiction (8 Years Later)

By Caitlin Thiede

Remaining friends with someone who has fallen into addiction can be heartbreaking for the person who doesn't use drugs. Continue Reading

3 Rules to Live By If You Have an Addicted Spouse

By Caitlin Thiede

Whether you have knowingly or unknowingly married an addict, loving yourself must always come first in your marriage. Continue Reading

Mother of addict bravely faces addiction with her child

A Mother’s Letter to Addiction

By Colleen Marlett

A brave mother of an addict writes an open letter to her daughter's most vicious enemy. Continue Reading