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Life in recovery isn't easy but you don't have to tackle it alone. We have tips on how to keep sobriety fresh, fun and always inspiring.

A smiling woman in a red sweater reflects on her sober, recovery life free from addiction.

7 Things You Can Expect in Recovery

By Tori Utley

With a clear mind, better health, improved relationships and other benefits of a sober lifestyle, you'll have less to worry abo... Continue Reading

woman in recovery celebrating a birthday with her peers

Why You Need a Recovery Community on Your Birthday

By SoberRecovery, Staff Writer

As your birthday draws closer, you may find yourself fearful or anxious. That’s because temptations can put your sobriety to th... Continue Reading

active addict bogged down by shame

5 Things to Remember When Shame Gets You Down

By Tori Utley

Ashamed of your past? If so, you're not alone. For many people in recovery, shame can be a difficult hurdle to get past. Continue Reading

person strives to redirect negative thoughts into positive ones

How to Redirect Your Negative Thinking Habits

By Dominica Applegate

Your thought life are the conversations you have in your mind. It’s the collection of the random things you think about on a da... Continue Reading

Man made a terrible decision and don't know what to do

6 Things to Do After You've Royally Messed Up

By Audrey Beim

No matter how severe you may have messed up, it doesn’t spell the end of the world. Even if you’ve had a few relapses, it doesn... Continue Reading

man bored during recovery

5 Things to Help You Manage Boredom in Recovery

By Audrey Beim

You may have to try a number of different activities until you find the project, hobby or social situation that is right for yo... Continue Reading

apathetic woman in recovery

How to Regain a Quality Often Lost in Addiction: Empathy

By Kelly McClanahan

As self-esteem and self-worth begin to grow within a recovering addict, they are able to feel for others and empathy is re-esta... Continue Reading

The majority of society rely on their cell phones for much of their daily operations, but it could be hurting those in recovery.

How Your Cellphone Habit is Standing Between You and Recovery

By Jamee Larson

The result of our society’s obsession with cell phones is that interpersonal skills have been dwarfed, and the quality of our r... Continue Reading

The set aside prayer can help anyone in recovery, whether or not they are in AA

The Importance of the Set Aside Prayer

By Jamee Larson

The prayer is meant to start a conversation with one’s Higher Power, whomever that may be, and to ask to for an enhanced level ... Continue Reading

spot addiction triggers ahead of time using the HALT method

4 High-Risk Triggers You Want to Avoid--and How to Do It

By Dominica Applegate

High-risk situations work against your recovery efforts if you don’t prepare for them. In recovery circles, we call them HALT. Continue Reading

woman crying

4 Healing Questions to Ask Yourself When You're in Pain

By Kelly McClanahan

When we can begin to sit with the grief and the feelings we are having, we begin to grow into the new paradigm the pain is crea... Continue Reading

anxious man with head down

Too Anxious to Function? 25 Better Options Than Drinking

By Audrey Beim

Alcoholism and anxiety disorders often co-occur together. Continue Reading

former alcoholic reflects on the lessons learned during active addiction

3 Gifts My Former Drinking Habit Gave Me

By Caitlin Thiede

If you have alcohol abuse problems, don’t continue giving your power away to the thing that's hurting you. Continue Reading

using the law of attraction during recovery

The Law of Attraction for Treating Addiction

By Dominica Applegate

The law of attraction asserts that you attract the same kind of energy you put out. Continue Reading

man struggling with early sobriety

5 Normal Feelings You'll Have in Early Sobriety

By Toshia Humphries Toshia Humphries is a Texan freelance writer, artist, life coach and talk radio co-host of Girl Power Hour on Blog Talk Radio.

These uncomfortable experiences and feelings are totally normal in early sobriety. Continue Reading

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