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The pressure to have fun on a long weekend or during the holiday season can push a recovering person to the edge of relapse. Get tips on how to maneuver stressful situations and actually celebrate without risking your sobriety.

Why You Need a Recovery Community on Your Birthday

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gloomy weather affects our mood

Do Seasons Affect Drinking Cravings?

By Rebecca Kovacs

The seasons can be a tough time for many people in recovery. Some even say the winter season can bring more alcoholic cravings ... Continue Reading

New year games and activities

7 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve Sober

By Tori Utley

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Holidays as an Addict: Comparing Then and Now

By Rebecca Kovacs

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planning ahead

3 Ways to Having a Chance at Your New Year’s Resolution This Year

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Determined to make recovery last

A Foolproof Recovery Plan to Last You All Year

By Tori Utley

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10 Things to Do On Christmas Rather Than Drink

By Tori Utley

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Uncomfortable holiday with family

3 Coping Strategies for Uncomfortable Holiday Settings

By Tori Utley

Family dynamics are inevitable during the Christmas season. Whether you're walking into a tense situation or conflict pops up d... Continue Reading

destressing over the holidays

Meditation as a Recovery Tool During Christmas

By Tori Utley

Meditation can reduce anxiety and boost your personal sense of calm. During the Christmas whirlwind, here's how to create a med... Continue Reading

Having a recovery community increases chances of success of staying sober during your Christmas celebration

3 Reasons to Connect with a Recovery Community During the Holidays

By Toshia Humphries

Recovery is a full-time commitment, and the Christmas season is no exception. In fact, this is typically when working on your s... Continue Reading

Holidays aren't just for drinking

How to Deal with the Holidays Without Drinking

By Rebecca Kovacs

Don’t let the holiday lose meaning to you. Remember that the holidays should be a time of family, reflection and peace rather t... Continue Reading

Surviving a reunion with a dysfunctional family

How to Survive Dysfunctional Family Dynamics When You're in Recovery

By Toshia Humphries

Often, reuniting with family members can be a trigger for relapse. This holiday season, remember to take precaution so you can ... Continue Reading

5 Steps for Keeping Relapse Away Over the Holidays

By Toshia Humphries

Just knowing someone is there, whether you actually have to reach out or not, is often all the comfort you need. Continue Reading

Tips for staying sober

3 Survival Tips for Your First Sober Holiday

By Toshia Humphries

Spending a holiday without the one coping mechanism that you’ve counted on your whole life isn’t easy to think about. Continue Reading

How to Practice Gratitude More Than Ever This Thanksgiving

By Toshia Humphries

Regardless of faith, historical facts or the presence of family, it's important to have an official day of gratitude, especiall... Continue Reading