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Find out how to navigate the relationships in recovery. From romance to broken friendships, we have tips on how to move forward in a healthy way.

older man in black and white

How to Keep Things Fresh After Many Years in 12-Step Addiction Recovery

By Kelly McClanahan

Revitalize your recovery process with these new ideas. Continue Reading

man lurking in the shadows

New to a Group? Why You Need to Watch Your Back

By Kelly McClanahan

12-step groups are places of healing, but they can also be dangerous. You never know who may be lurking in the crowd, so follow... Continue Reading

negative woman

Changing Negative Attitudes in Recovery

By Kelly McClanahan

Learning to be optimistic can be the biggest challenge for some addicts, but it is vital to long term recovery. Read one addict... Continue Reading

compassionate man

Finding Compassion for Ourselves and Others During Addiction Recovery

By Kelly McClanahan

Addiction counselor Kelly McClanahan discusses how to find compassion, both for yourself and for those around you. Continue Reading

anonymous man

Why Anonymity Is So Important in Early Recovery

By Kelly McClanahan

Anonymity not only protects the addict, but the entire community of addicts. Read about the protections that it provides, and h... Continue Reading

Acceptance: A Key Component in Early Recovery

By Kelly McClanahan

Learning to accept life as it comes is paramount to a healthy recovery. Learn how to adjust your outlook to be able to handle l... Continue Reading

Addicted to Drama: Why Does This Always Happen to Me?

By Kelly McClanahan

Recovering addicts may form unhealthy patterns in their brain synapses that affect their behavior, even without the use of subs... Continue Reading

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