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Find out how to navigate the relationships in recovery. From romance to broken friendships, we have tips on how to move forward in a healthy way.

Man enjoys his own company as he indulges in guitar hobby

A Lifelong Courtship: 4 Steps to Enjoying Your Own Company

By Donn Gruta

While it's wonderful to have another person cherish you on this holiday, the most important relationship to have is still the o... Continue Reading

Woman cries as she struggles with her relationship

3 Questions to Ask Yourself if You’re Struggling with Relationship Challenges

By Joanne Chu

Lori Jean, a certified relationship coach, unveils the three most important questions to ask yourself if you're struggling with... Continue Reading

toxic gas mask

The Most Toxic Relationship You Have May Be Yourself

By Toshia Humphries Toshia Humphries is a Texan freelance writer, artist, life coach and talk radio co-host of Girl Power Hour on Blog Talk Radio.

The most abusive nature that these individuals are familiar with is typically exhibited in the way they treat themselves. Continue Reading

unhappy couple

Explaining the “Come Here, Go Away” Dynamic in Adult Children of Addicts

By Toshia Humphries Toshia Humphries is a Texan freelance writer, artist, life coach and talk radio co-host of Girl Power Hour on Blog Talk Radio.

Not all adult children of addicts have the same experiences, but experts say they all seem to share the same inability to provi... Continue Reading

true friend

4 Basic Attributes of a True Friend

By Dominica Applegate

Now that you're in recovery, your friendships may take on a new meaning or you may find yourself seeking new friends. Here are ... Continue Reading

Girl holding field flowers

13 Jokes Only Codependents Will Understand

By Dominica Applegate

It's time to lighten things up. Here are 13 highly relatable jokes only those struggling with codependency will understand. Continue Reading

relationship abuse

7 Facts About Relationship Abuse and How You Can Break Free

By Malini Bhatia

Abuse can mean many things and can take on many forms. At its basic nature, abuse really means one thing—the need to control du... Continue Reading

bird's eye view of a line between two people

5 Ways to Tactfully Verbalize Boundaries

By Nina Bradshaw

Saying "no" isn't always easy. Here are 5 quick and simple strategies to help you send a clear message when trying to establish... Continue Reading

parent walking on the beach with two children

6 Steps to Regain Your Children's Trust in Recovery

By Benhilda Chanetsa

Your addiction spurred a long self-absorption phase, possibly causing distress in your children. Here are 6 adjustments you may... Continue Reading

smiling face and sad face

5 Types of People to Stay Away From for Sobriety's Sake

By Dominica Applegate

To maintain your sobriety, you may have to cut ties with negative eople. Here are 5 personalities to stay away from as you stri... Continue Reading

Identifying Those Who Support Your Recovery

By Elizabeth Seward

Surrounding yourself with people who support your recovery is an important part of staying clean. Learn how to identify those w... Continue Reading

friends laughing in a group

Is Human Connection the Answer to Addiction?

By Dominica Applegate

There's a new theory gaining popularity about why so many people are addicted to things like booze, drugs, sex, food, etc. and ... Continue Reading

Creating Boundaries with Well-Intentioned Family and Friends

By Elizabeth Seward

With a little bit of intentional and results-oriented communication, you should be able to come to a point of resolution with b... Continue Reading

How to Recover From a Breakup, the Healthy Way

By Cynthia Adeniyi

The days following a major split can be particularly tough for those in recovery, when it's tempting to drown one's sorrows in ... Continue Reading

5 Truths I Learned About Others After Recovery

By Chris Weldon

After returning from months of therapy, some relationships with family members may take a while to get back to normal. These 5 ... Continue Reading

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