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Get the latest information on current events, politics and culture on the subject of drugs and addiction. Don't forget to join in on the conversation.

woman overcome with grief

Why Mental Health Awareness is Now More Crucial Than Ever

By Nicole Arzt

Amid increased isolation due to COVID-1919, awareness about mental health conditions is more important than ever. Continue Reading

man getting a spinal adjustment

Can Spinal Adjustments Aid Addiction Recovery?

By Nicole Arzt

In conjunction with more traditional treatments, like medication and psychotherapy, spinal adjustments may have a promising pla... Continue Reading

woman suffering from PTSD

Is Medical Marijuana the Key to Treating PTSD?

By Nicole Arzt

With PTSD impacting thousands of Americans every year, this treatment approach could represent a revolutionary option for such ... Continue Reading

physician and military veteran discussing non-drug treatment for chronic pain

Non-Drug Therapy: An Alternative Chronic Pain Treatment for Vets

By Dawn Hurley

Research has now found that non-drug therapies are just as effective, if not more, than traditional medications prescribed for ... Continue Reading

suicide prevention poster

Why National Suicide Prevention Week is More Crucial Than Ever

By Nicole Arzt

The best way to raise awareness is to educate yourself first. Learn about suicide, its impact, and the warning signs you need t... Continue Reading

CBD products

Is CBD Safe and Effective at Treating Addiction?

By Dawn Hurley

Researchers have begun exploring ways in which CBD can serve as an alternative treatment for drug addiction and pain management. Continue Reading

employee suffering from occupational burnout

Occupational Burnout: WHO’s Diagnosis for Work-related Stress

By Nicole Arzt

A staggering 61% of employees report experiencing stress at work. As such, job-related pressure ranks at the top of the list fo... Continue Reading

woman coping with psoriasis

Study: Coping with Psoriasis May Result in Mental Illness

By Rebecca Kovacs

Research found that mental health conditions like sleep disorders, anxiety and depression were higher in patients who suffered ... Continue Reading

teen struggling with psychosis

Why ADHD Medications Can Cause Children to Develop Psychosis

By Dawn Hurley

Recent findings that medications such as Adderall and Ritalin are causing psychosis in children are too alarming to ignore. Continue Reading

opioid addict denied access to buprenorphine

The Effects of Restricting Buprenorphine to Opioid Addicts

By Dawn Hurley

Pre-authorization requirements restrict access to buprenorphine, which is used to treat opioid addiction. Continue Reading


Deep Brain Stimulation and Its Effects on Depression

By Rebecca Kovacs

Recent studies show DBS may be an effective alternative treatment to antidepressant medications. Continue Reading

clinician administering Esketamine

Esketamine Nasal Spray Approved to Treat Depression

Per guidelines, esketamine nasal spray will be tightly controlled in order to minimize the risk of abuse. Continue Reading

man using an e-cigarette

Study: E-Cigarettes May Increase the Odds of a Stroke

E-cigarettes are not risk-free, and it is certainly not a harmless habit when it comes to your heart health. Continue Reading


How Thirdhand Smoke Exposes Children to Toxic Chemicals

The term thirdhand smoke refers to the toxic residue that remains in the air after smoking. Continue Reading

patient consultation via telemedicine

What Can Telemedicine Do For Addiction Treatment?

By Germain Palacios

Telemedicine has made access to clinical services easier than ever. Continue Reading

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