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Cultivating a healthy spiritual life can do wonders for someone in recovery. You don't need to belong in a congregation or adhere to specific belief system to find something greater than what we see on a daily basis.

A young woman's spirit leaves her body and contributes to her addiction.

5 Ways Addiction is a Symptom of Feeling Disconnected Spiritually

By Toshia Humphries

Some say we become spiritually disconnected because of addiction, but this author believes spiritual disconnection comes first. Continue Reading

woman exploring spirituality without religion

5 Ways to Explore Spirituality If You’re Not Religious

By Lisa OBrien

Recovery can mean a lot of different things to different people. Here are some suggestions help you start cultivating a healthy... Continue Reading

The power of prayer in recovery

Why Prayer is Powerful in Recovery

By Heather Adams

The act of lifting up our needs releases stress and improves our mood, often even before circumstances have changed. Continue Reading

Redefining My View of God in Recovery

By Jamee Larson

Some years ago, God and I went our separate ways. I don’t remember if He left first or if I did. What I do know is that anytime... Continue Reading

7 Ways to Tend to Your Spiritual Health

By Toshia Humphries

Just as we have physical, emotional and psychological aspects of ourselves, we have spiritual ones. Therefore, when we enter re... Continue Reading

Man holding bible

10 Bible Verses That Ring True for Those in Recovery

By Heather Adams

For Christians in recovery, the word of the Lord is a source of guidance and inspiration for getting through tough times. Continue Reading

Learning to Let Go and Let God

By Toshia Humphries

We must learn to let go of the wheel—the mechanism of control—and stop fighting that which or whom is obviously in charge, whet... Continue Reading

How Addiction Disrupts Your Spiritual Growth

By Dominica Applegate

Each of us has a spirit that has evolved in various ways as we come of age and experience some type of inner spiritual developm... Continue Reading

light watkins

5 Misconceptions About Meditation Explained By Guru Light Watkins

By Joanne Chu

Light Watkins debunks the most common myths and inaccuracies regarding modern meditation. Continue Reading

inner peace

6 Signs That You've Finally Reached Inner Peace

By Dominica Applegate

To help you recognize when you’ve finally achieved inner peace, check to see if these 6 simple signs have manifested in your life. Continue Reading

shadow of a woman meditating in the sunset

5 Reasons Why You Should Make Meditation Part of Your Daily Routine

By Flower B

As you venture into your new life in sobriety, you’ll find that meditation can help you take back control of your life. Here ar... Continue Reading

5 Ways to Foster Spiritual Growth for Yourself

By Dominica Applegate

No matter what spirituality means to you, it can bring you the inner peace and joy you've been looking for. Here are 5 things y... Continue Reading

Buddhist Truths That Can Help With Recovery

By Dominica Applegate

Many of those in addiction recovery are using Buddhist philosophy to maintain their sobriety. Learn about the foundations of Bu... Continue Reading

8 Signs That You've Had a Psychic Change

By Flower B

Recovery truly begins the moment you experience a psychic change. These 8 tell-tale signs should confirm if you’ve had one. Continue Reading

Spiritual Awakening as Part of the Recovery Process

By Kelly McClanahan

Are you turned off by the spiritual terminology you encounter in 12-step meetings? Often, newbies don't yet understand the 12-s... Continue Reading