Toshia Humphries

Toshia Humphries is a Texan freelance writer, artist, life coach and talk radio co-host of Girl Power Hour on Blog Talk Radio.

Sober Recovery Expert Author

Toshia Humphries is a Texan freelance writer, artist, life coach and talk radio co-host of Girl Power Hour on Blog Talk Radio. She has been writing for two decades and possesses three degrees in counseling and psychology with a focus on addictions and women’s studies. She is also the creator of Threads Locks & Rock—a performance art show which utilizes personal experiences and stories to inspire each show and its performers, healing and empowering them and audience members alike. Much of her work is fueled by her own life experience and education.

person in peace

Like grief, forgiveness comes in stages that do not have a set duration of time or order. Continue Reading

drunk man passed out

The Myth of the 'Happy Drunk'

By Toshia Humphries

The happy drunk is often times more at risk for liver disease, accidental overdose and suicide. Continue Reading


Should You Date During Recovery?

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woman possessed

They don’t call alcohol spirits for nothing. Continue Reading

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Letting go of negative energy is essential for personal growth and recovery. Continue Reading

Grieving during sobriety

How to Stay Sober During the Grieving Process

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Lay Counseling in Addiction Recovery

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man levitating upside down

5 Ways Addiction is a Sign of Spiritual Disconnect

By Toshia Humphries

There are at least five ways addiction presents as a symptom rather than the root of spiritual disconnection. Continue Reading

A woman lies in the grass feeling happy with the benefits she's experienced staying sober.

7 Things You Gain by Staying Sober Today

By Toshia Humphries

Here are 7 intrinsic things we gain (or keep) by not drinking today. Continue Reading