Heather Adams

Sober Recovery Expert Author

Heather Adams is a writer, teacher, and speaker who makes her home in Connecticut. She has been in the recovery process herself and has been involved with family members going through it. Through groups, counseling, and her own journey, she has worked through many underlying issues in her life such as depression and negative mindsets. Out of these experiences comes a desire to offer encouragement to others who are also “in the battle.” Heather is the author of two books available on Amazon: Bow Down: The Heart of a True Worshiper (2014), and Worshipping Like David: Worship Ideas That Will Grow Your Faith (2015). 

Christian man on addiction

They see it primarily as a spiritual problem—a weakness in someone’s nature that must be fixed. Continue Reading

man kneeling down to pray

Why Prayer is Powerful in Recovery

By Heather Adams

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Faith-based recovery can help the entire congregation

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Woman practices self love

5 Daily Habits To Refresh and Recharge You

By Heather Adams

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Hearing the details of other people’s lives and responding correctly can be tricky.

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Planning the day for a more structured life

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