Dominica Applegate

Sober Recovery Expert Author

Dominica Applegate has a BS in Psychology, an MA in Counseling and has worked in the mental health field for 12 years before launching her own business as a writer. Specializing in addictions, relationships, codependency, fitness and health, her work is ultimately about helping people remove blocks that keep them stuck, because everyone can really create a life that they love.

man in front of wall

How the Urge to Succeed Can Lead to a Barren Life

By Dominica Applegate

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Staging an intervention for a loved one.

How to Do an Intervention for an Addict

By Dominica Applegate

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person strives to redirect negative thoughts into positive ones

How to Redirect Your Negative Thinking Habits

By Dominica Applegate

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prepare to keep a good relationship while you're productively working on your sober recovery and self-discovery journey

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spot addiction triggers ahead of time using the HALT method

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using the law of attraction during recovery

The Law of Attraction for Treating Addiction

By Dominica Applegate

The law of attraction asserts that you attract the same kind of energy you put out. Many people admit that this school of thoug... Continue Reading

How Keeping Secrets Can Harm Your Recovery

By Dominica Applegate

If you’re in recovery from alcoholism or addiction, the inability to process the things that have occurred in your life can hur... Continue Reading

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The Benefits of Intimate Vulnerability

By Dominica Applegate

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Developing Emotional Sobriety

By Dominica Applegate

Living life plagued with emotions like anger, sadness, fear, and anxiety is no fun at all. If you're struggling, it's time to c... Continue Reading