Cassandra Huerta

Sober Recovery Expert Author

Cassandra Huerta is a freelance writer who travels the road of recovery on a daily basis. Her specialty fields include business, marketing, addiction recovery and parenting. Currently, parenting remains as her most hands-on experience.

Dealing with the Negative Aspects of Sobriety

By Cassandra Huerta

There is no doubt sobriety makes for a better life, but there are still downsides. Part of the challenge is in learning to cope... Continue Reading

no alcohol sign

Why Abstinence Can Actually Hurt Recovery

By Cassandra Huerta

Recovery is so much more than just stopping drugs or alcohol intake. Continue Reading

recovering addict

While we bend over backwards trying to scrounge up every ounce of forgiveness we think we deserve, the danger comes when we run... Continue Reading

3 Tips for a Healthy Relationship

By Cassandra Huerta

During active addiction, we sometimes involve ourselves with people who don’t truly have our best interest in mind. These tips ... Continue Reading

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3 Reasons Why Striving For Perfection is Harmful

By Cassandra Huerta

It can be as addictive as the substances that once destroyed you. Continue Reading

One writer in recovery shares the importance of remembering what it’s like to hit rock bottom as she recounts her last day as a... Continue Reading

happy woman at yoga

Self-Care: Is There Such a Thing as Too Much?

By Cassandra Huerta

Learn how to self-care without becoming addicted to the process. Continue Reading

When Is Honesty Not the Best Policy?

By Cassandra Huerta

Some things are best left unsaid. Continue Reading

4 Healthy Ways to Support a Fellow Addict

By Cassandra Huerta

Here are 4 ways to truly be helpful in getting an addict on the road to recovery. Continue Reading

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Does Social Media Trivialize Addiction?

By Cassandra Huerta

When are jokes about addiction more harmful than helpful? This article examines how social media and other media may over-trivi... Continue Reading