Cassandra Huerta

Sober Recovery Expert Author

Cassandra Huerta is a freelance writer who travels the road of recovery on a daily basis. Her specialty fields include business, marketing, addiction recovery and parenting. Currently, parenting remains as her most hands-on experience.

Why I Stopped Attending Meetings Regularly

By Cassandra Huerta

12-step meetings were a part of my recovery process but not everyone's experience ends the same. Continue Reading

5 Ways to Start Mornings on a Happy Note

By Cassandra Huerta

Starting your mornings on a positive note isn't as hard as some may think. Here are five easy activities to implement into your... Continue Reading

It's safe to say that rehab doesn't work for everyone, no matter how many times they try it.

It's safe to say that rehab doesn't work for everyone, no matter how many times they try it. Continue Reading

red pencil writing the word no

6 Lies Addicts Need To Stop Telling Themselves

By Cassandra Huerta

When we’re active in addiction, we tell ourselves a lot of lies to get us through each day. Continue Reading

Using In Your Sleep: What Your Waking Self Can Do

By Cassandra Huerta

Nightmares are an entirely new beast in recovery, especially when they involve drugs or alcohol. Find out how to stay on the ri... Continue Reading

writing in a journal

4 Ways a Journal Can Benefit Your Sobriety

By Cassandra Huerta

Learn how the simple act of journaling can be a vital tool in your recovery. Continue Reading

mom ripping note that says impossible

The 5 Things Every Addict Needs in Early Recovery

By Cassandra Huerta

Every addict needs these five tools in order to succeed in early recovery and to maintain sober recovery in the long term. Continue Reading


8 Healthy Solutions for Handling Chaos

By Cassandra Huerta

Learn how to identify what type of chaos you're in, and follow these tips for dealing with it. Continue Reading

man being tempted in a bar

AA and other programs are crucial for some people's recovery, but it isn't necessarily the solution for everyone. For those out... Continue Reading

achieving goals

4 Tips to Setting Realistic Goals in Recovery

By Cassandra Huerta

Follow these guidelines and set yourself up for success. Continue Reading