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Signs of Addiction

Find out if you or a loved one is struggling with addiction from our informative articles. Spot the signs early so you can get the help you need.


Defining Vampire Energy & Its Role in Active Addiction

By Toshia Humphries Toshia Humphries is a Texan freelance writer, artist, life coach and talk radio co-host of Girl Power Hour on Blog Talk Radio.

Vampire energy presents in various forms, but no form is more easily recognizable than active addiction. Continue Reading

substance abuser

Behavioral Signs You or a Loved One May Have an Addiction

By Nicole Arzt

Addiction isn't always apparent. The shame and stigma are pervasive. As a result, many withhold, lie, and manipulate their trut... Continue Reading

woman struggling with addiction

The Disease Model of Addiction: History and Perspectives

By Dawn Hurley

Anyone wanting to have an informed conversation on the matter will need to understand the reasons why addiction is considered a... Continue Reading

binge-eating teenager

Are Teen Eating Disorders a Precursor to Substance Abuse?

By Nicole Arzt

Up to 35 percent of people with substance use disorders also have an eating disorder. Continue Reading

woman consumed by her phone addiction

Study: Phone Addiction is the New Drunk Driving

By Nicole Arzt

Our smartphone reliance has transcended from mere entertainment to life-or-death situations. Continue Reading

drunk man passed out

The Myth of the 'Happy Drunk'

By Toshia Humphries Toshia Humphries is a Texan freelance writer, artist, life coach and talk radio co-host of Girl Power Hour on Blog Talk Radio.

Their cries for help go unseen and unheard, making their existence a myth that typically ends in tragedy. Continue Reading


The Dangers of Using Food as a Coping Mechanism

By Erica Lee

Food is just another substance upon which anyone is subject to form a dependence. Continue Reading

person charging a smartphone while using social media

STUDY: Alcoholics and Social Media Addicts Have Similar Personality Traits

By Audrey Beim

A recent study revealed that compulsive social media activity is predicted by some of the same characteristics of alcohol abuse. Continue Reading

active addict looking for an escape

Why Addicts Have the Need to Escape

Addiction treatment providers have long concluded that many of their patients have at least 5 addictive personality traits in c... Continue Reading

empty medication bottles

The Difference Between Medication Use and Drug Abuse

By Elizabeth Seward

How can one distinguish legitimate medicine use from prescription medication abuse? Continue Reading

Addict consuming several alcoholic beverages

Study: Half of Adults Who Consume Alcohol Drink Way Too Much

By Audrey Beim

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism states that more than 15 million adults and 620,000 adolescents already ... Continue Reading

Inside the Mind of a Porn Addict

By Caitlin Thiede

As pornography becomes more and more prevalent in the digital age, the opportunity for addiction presents itself much more freq... Continue Reading

active addict

Is Addiction a Choice, a Disease, or Both?

By Caitlin Thiede

Steven Slate's controversial approach to addiction may be just the thing we need to help us stop judging addicts once and for all. Continue Reading

woman between 2 wolves

3 Signs the Beast of Addiction is Eating You Alive

By Caitlin Thiede

We each have 2 wolves inside us—good and bad—fighting for dominance. The one we feed is the one that wins. Continue Reading

man being peer pressured by a coworker to drink

What Really Constitutes as Heavy Drinking?

By Tess Chedsey

For anyone who drinks, alcoholic or not, this information can help you detect signs of addiction. Continue Reading

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