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Prescription Drugs

Want to know more about prescription drugs? We have the facts for you here as well as any other additional information you may need on these drugs.

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Why You Shouldn't Mix Xanax with Alcohol

By Leia Rivera

Xanax has a high likelihood of dependence and can lead to overdose when taken improperly. Continue Reading

Perfectionism and addiction

How My 'Type A' Personality Got Me Hooked On Painkillers

By LeAnn Brown

Humans have been trained by society that if they don't do everything perfectly, their lives have little to no meaning. This is ... Continue Reading

When Addiction Starts at the Doctor's Office

By Caitlin Thiede

Are prescription pills generating a heroin epidemic in suburban America? Continue Reading

The Purple Drink: How “Lean” Affects the Body

By Leia Rivera

Artists, such as Lil Wayne, DJ Screw, and Future praised its effects and promoted the use of lean, claiming that this “purple d... Continue Reading

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6 Common Questions Asked About Percocet

By Lisa OBrien

NIDA estimates that 81 percent of the world’s supply of oxycodone, the generic name for Percocet, is now consumed here. Continue Reading

Top 5 Alternatives to Prescription Pain Relievers

By Flower B

Due to the possible side effects of painkillers, an increasing number of Americans are opting for alternative ways of dealing w... Continue Reading

What Happens When Prescription Medications Expire?

By Elizabeth Seward

Know what to do once medication reaches its expiration date. Continue Reading

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Benzodiazepine Info, Effects, Addiction, Treatment

By Angel W. Abott

Benzodiazepine drugs (bennies, benzos) are prescribed medications most often used for relief of anxiety, insomnia, stress, and ... Continue Reading

Phenobarbital pills

Phenobarbital Street Names

Phenobarbital is used as a prescription medication to aid sleep and reduce anxiety, and has been sold under the name Nembutal, ... Continue Reading

Mannitol Street Names

Mannitol is used in medical settings as a drug to treat bronchial issues or renal failure, among others. Mannitol is used illic... Continue Reading

Lidocaine Street Names

Lidocaine, intended as a local anesthetic or numbing agent, is sometimes used illicitly as an additive that is cut into other d... Continue Reading

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The Dangers of GHB

Get the facts on the drug and its deadly symptoms. Continue Reading

Fentanyl Street Names

Fentanyl is a narcotic pain medication intended to treat chronic pain, that is also sold illicitly, and is marketed under the s... Continue Reading

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Battling an Addiction to Vicodin

By SoberRecovery, Staff Writer

Vicodin is a painkiller that is prescribed by qualified physicians to relieve pain. However, because some patients experience e... Continue Reading

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