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Drug Abuse

Get all the information you need about drugs and drug abuse here. From drug types to treatment options, we break everything down for you to a science.

How Dopamine Affects the Addictive Brain

By Tess Chedsey

Dopamine, the brain's pleasure center, plays an important dual role in the development of addictive behavior. Continue Reading

active addict consumed by anger

Anger and Addiction: A Deadly Combination

By Patrick Biegler

As addicts, we tend to want to numb emotions like anger by using drugs or alcohol. Continue Reading

A recovering addict takes control of their future.

The Myth That Addicts Have No Control

By Tess Chedsey

Several myths surround addiction, but it's critical to understand the difference between "control" and "will." Continue Reading

teen buys benadryl to abuse

Benadryl: A Potentially Deadly “Legal” High

By Jennifer Wezensky

Benadryl, an antihistamine typically used to relieve allergy symptoms, is a commonly abused medication that can be purchased at... Continue Reading

sad middle aged woman

Fibromyalgia and Pain Medication Addiction

By Lisa OBrien

Healthcare professionals treat Fibromyalgia symptoms with prescribed medications that are most often painkillers of some kind. Continue Reading

Woman calls 911

Cross-Tolerance: A Real Issue and How to Prevent It

By Toshia Humphries Toshia Humphries is a Texan freelance writer, artist, and life coach and possesses three degrees in counseling and psychology, focusing on addictions and women’s studies.

It may be necessary for a patient who is in recovery to share with his or her doctor the potential for cross-tolerance before m... Continue Reading

6 Alternatives to Try Before Opioids for Chronic Pain

By Audrey Beim

For those who are suffering from chronic pain and are trying to stay away from opioids as much as possible, here are 6 non-pres... Continue Reading

digital drugs

Digital Drugs: Can Binaural Beats Really Get You High?

By Audrey Beim

A new and disturbing form of addiction has hit the landscape bearing potential for serious consequences. Continue Reading

Woman struggles with alcohol dependency

3 Unwavering Truths About Addiction to be Understood by Anyone Who Drinks

Chemical Dependency is a disease that has three defining characteristics. Continue Reading

couple laying in bed featuring man sleeping soundly and woman awake and angry

4 Drugs That Destroy the Libido

By Elizabeth Seward

A person’s sex drive is a mysterious thing. To keep the engine going, avoid the following prescription meds. Continue Reading

transgender symbol

3 Areas to Address When Treating Transgender Patients

By Dr. Rudolph Hatfield As a neuropsychologist, Dr. Rudolph C. Hatfield, Ph.D. specializes in assessing and treating neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Research suggests that these issues also need to be dealt with in order to fully help a transgender patient recover from substa... Continue Reading

man walking into the sky

The 7 Wildest Drug-Induced Hallucinations

By Audrey Beim

These psychedelic tales blur the lines between reality and unreality. Continue Reading

How Drugs are Actually Affecting Our Economy

The economic impact of illicit drug use on the American public is an immensely well-documented phenomenon. Here's an in-depth l... Continue Reading

3 Substances That Kill Your Skin (Images)

By Elizabeth Seward

Skin damage isn't usually a deterrent from substance abuse but these pictures may make you think twice. Continue Reading

split image of young and old woman

Age & Addiction: Trends, Statistics & More

By Audrey Beim

Uncovering the relationship between age and the effects of addiction. Continue Reading

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