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Know the truth about opiates and opioids from its dangers to treatment options. Our articles shine a new light on these narcotics.

Introducing CARA: Treating the Opioid Epidemic

By Rose Lockinger

The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016 (CARA) is a comprehensive plan that, if passed, can put a real dent in the... Continue Reading

Probuphine: The Future for Opiate Addicts?

By Rose Lockinger

Perhaps one of the biggest pros of Probuphine is the fact that it is virtually tamper and abuse proof. Continue Reading

finger picking up pills

Prescription Pain Medication (Opioid) Info, Effects, Addiction, Treatment

By Angel W. Abott

Prescription painkillers (opioids) are highly addictive, and abuse of these drugs is on the rise. This article is a must-read i... Continue Reading

heroin word

Heroin Info, Effects, Addiction, Treatment

By Angel W. Abott

Heroin addiction is on the increase. This article covers everything you need to know about heroin addiction, including the symp... Continue Reading

opium plant

Opium Street Names

Opium, a naturally occurring juice extracted from the seed pod of certain varieties of poppy, has been used as a recreational d... Continue Reading

Morphine Addiction, Effects, Causes and Detox

How does a person become addicted to morphine? This article answers that question, and covers the signs of morphine addiction, ... Continue Reading

Morphine pills

Morphine Street Names

Morphine addiction is very common and this opiate is often marketed as a recreational drug. These street names are used to mark... Continue Reading

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