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Know the truth about opiates and opioids from its dangers to treatment options. Our articles shine a new light on these narcotics.

heroin addict laying in bed

Study Finds Heroin Use Reduces Protein Levels in the Brain

By Dawn Hurley

Research has found that heroin use reduces the levels of Drebrin needed to form and maintain synapses (connection of nerve cell... Continue Reading


How Opioid Abuse Drastically Drops Hormone Levels

By Rebecca Kovacs

New research has found that 1 in 5 long-term opioid users also suffer from low levels of cortisol, which helps to regulate the ... Continue Reading

Fentanyl addict

Fentanyl is Pandemic in America, and Here's Why

By Nicole Arzt, M.S., L.M.F.T. Nicole Arzt is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in providing psychotherapy for individuals, families, and groups struggling with substance use disorders and psychiatric illnesses.

Most users are unaware that they are taking drugs laced with Fentanyl. Continue Reading

paramedic pushing a stretcher

When the National Fentanyl Epidemic Hits Home

By LeAnn Brown

Despite increased news coverage on Fentanyl, it still comes as a shock when someone we know dies from an overdose. Continue Reading


Opioid Names You’ll Hear on the Streets

By Lisa OBrien

As they do for all illegal drugs, slang terms or street names help protect secret drug use. Below is a list of common opioid st... Continue Reading

A hand lies on the floor after a drug addict overdoses on grey death.

Grey Death: A Mysterious Opioid Cocktail

By Leia Rivera

No chemist can say exactly what makes it grey, but the combination of opioids and heroin can kill users after just one use. Continue Reading

Opioid Addicted Teen

Teen Opioid Addiction: A Growing Concern

By Audrey Beim

A study states that only 1 in 4 young adults and teens with opioid use disorder are receiving potentially life-saving medicatio... Continue Reading

The Nature of Opiate Addiction

By Lyn Geist Lyn has years of experience relating to addiction and recovery. She earned her Master's of Social Work (MSW) and also a Masters of Arts (MA) in psychology and social work from California State University-Sacramento.

If you are aware of the symptoms of opiate addiction, you can detect potential problems and get you or a loved one help before ... Continue Reading


Reporting From the Middle of an Opioid War Zone

By Tamara Buchenberger

May we always find them well and find the love in our hearts anyway, in turn, finding ourselves. Continue Reading

Hydromorphone syringe

Hydromorphone: Proven to Help Opioid Addicts

By Timothy Powers

In the race to stem the tide of heroin addiction in the United States, addiction professionals are turning to powerful medicati... Continue Reading

emergency responder

Treating the Opiate Overdose Epidemic From the ER

By Joanne Chu

St. John’s launched ALTO (Alternatives to Opiates Program), the first program in the nation curbing the use of opiates in the ER. Continue Reading


Deadly W-18: What You Need To Know

By Rose Lockinger

Recently, law enforcement and medical professionals are concerned about a new opiate drug that has hit the streets: W-18. Continue Reading

Pile of pills

10 Astonishing Facts About the Opioid Epidemic in the U.S.

By Audrey Beim

Usage of both heroin and highly addictive prescription opioids have exploded over the past decade along with growing reliance a... Continue Reading

New Study Reveals Opioid Relapse Patterns

By Audrey Beim

According to the April 2016 study, there are several factors associated with accelerated opioid relapse in patients undergoing ... Continue Reading

yellow sign that spells out the word

5 Much-Needed Reforms in Recovery, From a Former Heroin Addict

By Joanne Chu

We spoke to Tracey Helton Mitchell, author of "The Big Fix: Hope After Heroin,"about the direction that treatment should be hea... Continue Reading

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