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Club/Street Drugs

Know the truth about club and street drugs from its dangers to treatment options. Our articles shine a new light on these popular recreational drugs.

What You Need to Know About Ketamine

By Elizabeth Seward No content available.

Find out how this animal-tranquilizer-turned-club-drug affects the human body and how to spot a possible overdose before it's t... Continue Reading

Person at risk for recreational drug overdose

Just Hanging Out with Molly

By Elizabeth Seward No content available.

The side effects and misrepresentations of this popular club drug. Continue Reading

crystal meth and instruments

5 Serious Ways Meth Damages the Body

By Elizabeth Seward No content available.

Nothing is worth this much risk. Continue Reading

Ecstasy Effects, Addiction, Treatment

By Angel W. Abott No content available.

Ecstasy is the common term used for a MDMA, a drug that creates euphoria and a heightened sense of connection with others. It c... Continue Reading

Rohypnol Street Names

No content available.

Rohypnol is the name for flunitrazepam, a sedative medication. Rohypnol is commonly referred to as a "date rape drug," because ... Continue Reading

Nexus Street Names

No content available.

Nexus is a psychedelic drug that is sometimes mixed with other drugs like LSD, and marketed as a recreational drug under the st... Continue Reading

guys doing meth

An Examination of Meth Addiction

By Nancy Burgess No content available.

Learn more about methamphetamine, its effects and treatment options. Continue Reading

guy with cocaine

How to Give Up Cocaine in 8 Steps

By Nancy Burgess No content available.

Cocaine highs are intensely satisfying, but the effects are extremely hazardous. Here we look at the steps you need to take to ... Continue Reading

Amyl Nitrite Street Names

By SoberRecovery, Staff Writer No content available.

Amyl nitrite (sometimes referred to as amyl nitrate) is marketed on the street with names like "Aimes," "Boppers," "Poppers," a... Continue Reading

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