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Alcohol Abuse

Get all the information you need about alcoholism and alcohol treatment here. You or someone you know struggling with alcohol abuse are not alone.

person holding a shot of liquor

Is That Your Alcoholism Talking?

By M. Lujan

Irrational thinking may cause you to believe alcohol is your most reliable friend when it's actually your worst enemy. Continue Reading

woman suffering from symptoms of alcohol withdrawal

5 Common Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

By Dominica Applegate

It's common to have some anxiety about experiencing withdrawal symptoms, but knowing what to expect ahead of time can help calm... Continue Reading

Treating Alcoholism: Oral vs. Injectable Medications

By Dominica Applegate

Medications may not cure an alcoholic, but there are some that can help patients better succeed in their recovery program. Continue Reading

smoke in black background

Alcohol Inhalation: A Dangerous Trend

By Benhilda Chanetsa

Alcohol inhalation is a disturbing trend among young adults that involves “smoking” alcohol instead of drinking it in order to ... Continue Reading


4 Reasons Why Alcoholism is a Subtle Foe

By Flower B

Alcoholism is one conniving trickster just looking for the perfect opportunity to trip you up. Continue Reading

Wet Brain: Alcoholism's Dangerous Outcome

By Dominica Applegate

Excessive drinking depletes your body of a number of nutrients, including Vitamin B1. Over time, this deficiency can cause a po... Continue Reading

Alcohol Poisoning: Facts and Prevention Tips

By Audrey Beim

Your body views alcohol as a poison and you should do the same. Continue Reading

18 Reasons Why You May Be Losing Your Hair

By Dominica Applegate

Hair loss can be worrisome, but knowing its probable cause can help you address the issue.r. Continue Reading

High-Functioning Alcoholic using a car service

How to Spot a High-Functioning Alcoholic

By Dominica Applegate

It may not be apparent, but the signs of alcoholism are there. Continue Reading

two people taking shots

NekNomination: The Latest Alcohol Trend Among Teens

By Dominica Applegate

NekNomination, an online drinking game, is on the rise among teens and it's also taking lives. Continue Reading

older woman with glasses

Sobriety: Important at Every Age

By Audrey Beim

How alcohol abuse affects those in their 50s and 60s. Continue Reading

man with fist clenched

Alcohol: A Third Party Role in Domestic Violence

By Elizabeth Seward

The incidence of alcohol use among abusers can't be ignored. Continue Reading

What is an Alcoholic?

By Angel W. Abott

This article tackles the difficult question of how to determine if someone is an alcoholic, and how a social or binge drinker m... Continue Reading

women in hood sitting at staircase

The 6 Worst Stereotypes Given to Drug or Alcohol Addicts

People often judge what they don't understand. Continue Reading

view from the outside of a bar

Top 5 Misconceptions About Using Drugs and Alcohol

The allure of drugs and alcohol is strong, but addicts know all too well that what they found so enticing in the beginning is n... Continue Reading

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