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Teen Rehab

Teens are especially vulnerable to substance abuse. As they navigate their way to becoming independent, they’re often eager to learn about the world and experiment. With the pressures that come with the teenage experience, it’s important for parents or trusted adults to stay educated on the tell-tale signs of teen substance abuse and addiction.

Why Being a Helicopter Parent Does Not Help Addiction

By Benhilda Chanetsa

Hovering over your child's activities 24/7 may actually be inducing or maintaining their drug and alcohol abuse. Learn to loose... Continue Reading

group of young friends cheering with beer

Top 10 Alcohol Brands Consumed By Youth

By Audrey Beim

A Youth Alcohol Brand Survey reveals that underage drinkers are more likely to reach for these alcoholic beverages. Continue Reading

Alcohol Marketing and Its Impact on Underage Drinking

By Audrey Beim

More and more alcohol companies are catering to adolescent trends in their marketing strategy and the effects are clear. Continue Reading

Kids and Inhalants: What You Need to Know

By Audrey Beim

A look at the frightening details of this quick, easy to obtain high. Continue Reading

sad teenage girl

A Parent's Guide to Mental Health Issues

By Kelly McClanahan

As part of Mental Health Awareness Month, take some time to be informed of mental illnesses your child may or may not be suffer... Continue Reading

teenage girls hanging around smoking cigarettes

4 Social Situations It's Best for Teens to Stay Away From

By M. Lujan

The teenage social circle is a tricky one to navigate. Here are a few guidelines to help keep you on the right path. Continue Reading

man thinking

STUDY: Meth and the Adolescent Brain

By Audrey Beim

How does this drug affect the brain of teenage users differently than the adult? We investigate. Continue Reading

two teens passing a joint

4 Lies Teens Tend to Believe About Marijuana

By M. Lujan

The biggest misconceptions youth culture has about weed. Continue Reading

girl thinking imaginary arrows around her head

The Adolescent Brain on Drugs

By M. Lujan

The most formative years in life may also the most vulnerable to the effects of substance abuse. Continue Reading

teenage girl with her friends

Teenage Drug Use: What You Can Do

By Angel W. Abott

Teenage drug use is a big concern for parents. Learn how to read the signs and approach the situation if you think your teen is... Continue Reading

overstuffed suitcase

3 Ways to Help Prepare Your Teen for Rehab

By M. Lujan

Here are three ways that you can best help prepare your teen for drug rehabilitation. Continue Reading

mom and daughter sitting on picnic blanket talking

6 Things to Know Before Talking to Your Child About Recovery

By Cynthia Adeniyi Cyndy Adeniyi is a psychotherapist in private practice at Out of the Woods Counseling.

It's a conversation no one wants to have but it can make all the difference in your little one's life. Continue Reading

girls lying on ground with party cups

Does Alcohol Fuel Sexual Assaults on College Campuses?

By Tess Chedsey

Sexual assaults occur regularly on campuses across the nation, some recently making national headlines. The question remains: i... Continue Reading

teen on drugs

10 Behavioral & Physical Indicators Your Teen May Be on Drugs

By SoberRecovery, Staff Writer

Think your child may be on drugs? Use our quick checklist of warning signs so you know what to look for. Continue Reading

teen drinking

Teen Alcoholism: What Are the Indicators?

By Kelly McClanahan

Many pre-teens and teens begin experimenting with alcohol at a young age, which can lead to problems with alcohol dependency or... Continue Reading

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