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Addiction Treatment

Addiction recovery can be a very personal journey. Different cases require different combinations of treatment. Whether you’re interested in detox, relapse warning signs, or the latest in addiction research, staying in the know will help guide you towards the approach that’s best for you.

Through the Eyes of the Wolf: Recovery with Wolf Connection

By Joanne Chu

Reconnecting people with their primal selves is just one way this organization strives to help those in addiction. Continue Reading

4 Reasons Why Hiring a Lawyer Can Help

By Liemann Valdimar

Those in recovery facing legal issues can benefit from hiring a lawyer who is experienced in substance use related cases. Learn... Continue Reading

Man struggling with emotions

Top 5 Emotional States That Can Trigger a Relapse

By Nina Bradshaw

Once you reach the peak of your sobriety journey, the most difficult part begins: staying there. Continue Reading

6 Steps to Walking Away From Addiction

By Dominica Applegate

It's not always easy to walk away from an addiction, but it is entirely possible when you know what to do and are persistent. T... Continue Reading

smiling older woman

Addiction Recovery for Women: How It Differs From Men

By Dominica Applegate

Women experience different things than men when it comes to addiction recovery. Continue Reading

woman with pain in her neck

Chronic Pain Treatment and Addiction: A Complicated Relationship

By Elizabeth Seward

How does someone navigate chronic pain without going down the dangerous path of addiction? Continue Reading

APA's Latest Change in Diagnosing Addiction

By Rudolph Hatfield

This will affect both professionals and those who are treated. Continue Reading

5 Biggest Myths of Recovery Treatment

By Audrey Beim

Know how to tell between what's true and what's false. Continue Reading

girl with silencing finger gesture

5 Things an Addict or Alcoholic Should Never Say

By Flower B

These lines may indicate they're entertaining the idea that one day they'll be able to safely use drugs and alcohol. Continue Reading

rehab group

What You Need to Know About Outpatient Drug Rehab

By Nancy Burgess

Drug rehabilitation can be accomplished in a variety of ways, depending upon the individual addict's circumstances and conditio... Continue Reading

people dancing in the club

The Dangers of GHB

Get the facts on the drug and its deadly symptoms. Continue Reading

guy in treatment

Drug Abuse Treatment

By Nancy Burgess

There is no magical drug abuse treatment. The treatment choices and journey to recovery are different for every individual. Her... Continue Reading

drug rehab

Does Drug Rehab Work?

By Donn Gruta

We have the number one deciding factor in how well a drug rehab center works. Continue Reading

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