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Dual Diagnosis for the treatment of Addicts

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The combination of a Drug addiction, alcohol Addiction and psychiatric disorder is called as the dual diagnosis. With this in mind, many people question which do you treat first and when do you begin alcohol detox or Drug detox.

Alcohol Detox or Drug Detox

Whether a person has a psychiatric disorder or not, alcohol detox is the first step towards Recovery from both disorders. Prior to admission to any quality alcohol detox or Drug detox program each person is provided with a comprehensive evaluation relating to their drug/alcohol abuse, as well as, their mental health history. With this information, the medical director of the alcohol rehab or alcohol detox program can design a alcohol detox protocol to manage any related alcohol Withdrawal symptoms. Simultaneously, the physician can prescribe medication, if warranted to manage any psychiatric symptoms a person may experience. It is important to note, that many alcohol detox programs or alcohol rehab programs try not to dispense psychiatric medications until after alcohol detox because so many alcohol Withdrawal symptoms mimic psychiatric symptoms.

Alcohol Detox Services

After a person completes alcohol detox and their alcohol Withdrawal symptoms have subsided, the medical director of the alcohol rehab can better assess any mental health issues. If a psychiatric disorder is present, then the alcohol Addiction and psychiatric disorder are treated simultaneously. Patient can change into the Dual Diagnosis treatment and psychiatric medication can be given out as it is the best course of action.
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